Monday, December 1, 2008

Today it’s my turn to blog. I want to thank Mary for putting this site together and for giving her fellow writers the opportunity to promote themselves and their work.

This Friday, December 5th, my first romance novel will be released. It’s a paranormal romance published with The Wild Rose Press under their Faery line. It’s called A Sterling Affair and is set in present day London (which is where I grew up). So what makes it a paranormal? The hero is brought back from the dead by the heroine’s children. They wanted to call back their father who recently died but there’s a storm, they’re amateurs and instead of their father, Sir Ian Ashby from the Regency period suddenly appears in their living room.

The story behind this story is I wrote the manuscript way back in 1993 when paranormals were gaining popularity. It went out to a few publishers. They liked it but didn’t think it was right for them. Right after that my dad got sick and passed away and I went through what I thought then was a terrible case of writer’s block and didn’t touch the manuscript again. However, last year I got the urge rework it so I could start sending it out. I knew paranormals were hot again and felt I’d be lucky this time around.
In January of this year, I opened up my e-mail and saw a message from the editor at The Wild Rose Press with an attachment icon next to it. Convinced this icon was my manuscript being returned, when I clicked on the message I was only thinking about where I’d send it next. But this time, the attachment was a contract and I saw the words, I love this story, I’d like to offer you a contract. I was going to be a published author.

And I’m not surprised paranormals whether they be ghost stories, time travels, or just anything that goes bump in the night are popular all these years later. They make for great reading and some of the best romance novels. One of my favorite shows of all time has to be the X-Files. One of my favorite romance movies is Somewhere in Time. Great story, great romance, and a wonderful setting. Yes, I think paranormals are here to stay and it’s about time.

And now, making their debut ahead of Friday’s release are my hero, Sir Ian Ashby and heroine, Deanna Adams. Hope you enjoy this excerpt. Until my next blog, take care, happy reading and Happy Holidays.

“Would you like to take a walk along by the stream?” asked Sir Ian.
“I’d love to.”
As usual, Sir Ian put his arm out for Deana, but then withdrew it. “I forgot it is holding hands that is now in fashion.”
Deana tried to pull her hand away, but Sir Ian had a firm grip on it.
“Did you bring your lady friends here?”
“Only the one.”
“Did you love her?”
“I thought I did at the time.”
“But you later found out that you didn’t?”
“No, actually I did not find that out until I came back to life.”
“You’ve learned something worthwhile, then.”
“Indeed, I have. Is this not a wonderful view over the valley?”
“It is, and the air smells a lot fresher here. Has it always been like this?”
“Surprisingly, yes. In fact, I can remember standing here with Lady Wellington. She was holding my arm, just as I am standing here holding your hand.”
“Lady Wellington?”
“Yes, I have mentioned her before.”
“I think I remember; she was married. In fact, didn’t you mention that many of your conquests were married women? Were you always trying to break up happy unions?”
Sir Ian coughed.
“It was not what I usually did, no, but this was not a very happy union; it had not been a love match.”
“And so that made it okay for you to have an affair with her? I’ve read that during your days people made love with just about anyone and had more partners than they had meals.”
“And now who is being critical? You are saying that people do not have affairs today?”
Deana pulled her hand away and walked off.
Sir Ian looked at Deana. Darn it, he had a loose tongue. He had forgotten what Mrs. Cooke had told him about Deana’s husband.
“Deana, please, I am sorry if I offended you,” he said, taking two large strides toward her. He grabbed her arm and turned her around to look at him. He could see her eyes had tears in them.
“I am most humbly sorry if I said anything offensive.”
“There’s no need to apologize. It’s just I was feeling sad.”
“It is all my fault; I have brought on such sadness.”
“Why would you think it was your fault?”
Sir Ian could not think of anything to say, so he kissed Deana. He felt her arms going around his neck, her lips parting for him. He pulled her in as tight to his body as humanly possible, hoping she could now feel his excitement for her, and only her. He had once shared a similar encounter with Lady Wellington at this very same spot, but with Deana it was different. It was not just physical, but emotional too. He moved his hand up and down her back. This was a wonderful day. He tried to hold on to his thought, but he felt something hard strike him in the back.
He pulled away, and then felt something sitting on his foot. He looked down and saw the Frisbee lying there. He looked up to see Todd standing up on the hill above them. He could actually see the boy had a grin on his face.
“Your mother had something in her eye,” he shouted up to him.


Sarita Leone said...

Love the story behind the story! So glad you sent out your manuscript again. The excerpt is great and I look forward to reading the full story. :)

Viola Estrella said...

Susan, your premise gave me chills! I'm not kidding. I just adore ghost stories. Congrats on your release!!

Amy Lane said...

What an awesome blog-- good luck everybody-- I look forward to (eventually, when Things 3 & 4 move out!) being able to read your books:-)

Hywela Lyn said...

Congratulations on your release Susan - I love the premise of your story. I know what you mean about getting 'writers block' after the passing of your father, the same thing happened to me when someone very, very close to me died suddenly - but I think getting your 'second' wind and completing and submitting your manuscript is the best tribute
you can give.