Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things Unexplained

I looked up the definition for paranormal in Webster's Dictionary. It read, "of or pertaining to events or perceptions occurring without scientific explanation, as clairvoyance or extrasensory perception."

Today, clairvoyants are used to help find victims and solve crimes. It wasn't long ago that the mere thought of using someone with supernatural powers in police work was laughable. We're not laughing now, and many victim's families have been grateful for their powers.

I can't say that everything we hear about ghosts and other supernatural events are true, or that what happens couldn't be caused by something in nature, but to me the stories are interesting. Some afternoons I find myself in front of the television watching "Hauntings." It's downright scary and triggers all sorts of story ideas in my head.

Of course, the paranormal genre in writing isn't confined to what I've discussed above. We have stories about vampires, werewolves, zombies, and the list goes on. I doubt anyone really believes in such entities, but it sure is fun to pretend. It doesn't take much for a good writer to get me all wrapped up in their stories and in that case, I do believe, for a time anyway. It's an escape from the ordinary and oh so much fun -- or not -- more frightening. Pure entertainment.

My paranormal stories are mainly time travels. Wouldn't it be fun to travel back to a previous time period, or for that matter, move forward? Time travels are a way to experience history using modern perceptions.

In my contemporary stories, I occasionally like to add a touch of the paranormal.

Here is a short excerpt from my current release from Champagne Books, Forever Faithful. You can watch the book trailer on my website at and also view the one for my current and upcoming time travels with The Wild Rose Press.

A whisper of something touched his face. His eyes flew open as a smoke ring erupted from an invisible source aimed at his face. It was followed by another and another. Lucas lay still and watched the perfectly formed circles reach him and disintegrate. Maybe he was still asleep. He sat up in the bed and the display continued. A shiver ran up his spine. Sam was the only person he knew who could blow smoke rings like what he saw.

"Sam, is that you?"

His answer came in the form of a smoke ring that hovered in the air and pulsed. Guess that’s a yes. "Guess you’re pretty pissed about my and Gail’s problems." The smoke grew so thick Lucas coughed. "Yeah, don’t blame you. Wish I could say I’d fix it, but don’t know if it’s possible." He waited for another response but didn’t get one.

Lucas woke coughing. Smoke, he was choking on smoke. The whole thing had been a dream and the house was on fire. He lunged out of bed and raced down the hall to Gail’s room, and then realized there was no smoke. Just outside her door, he stopped to think. Chief would’ve sensed the fire and alerted them. He must have been dreaming. Unable to return to bed without checking on Gail, he quietly opened the door and peeked in. Chief lifted his head, and his tail thumped the floor. A sigh of relief rushed from Lucas’s chest. All appeared well in there.

He closed the door and returned to Sam’s room. Stale cigarette smoke met him as he entered. Back in bed, he pondered what had happened. Had it been a dream? Seconds before he dozed off again, a small smoke ring danced before his face, and then disappeared.

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Linda LaRoque ~ Western Romance with a Twist in Time.
A Law of Her Own, TWRP; Forever Faithful, Nov 1, 2008 Champagne Books; Desires of the Heart, March 4, 2009, My Heart Will Find Yours, May 1, 2009, Flames on the Sky coming soon from TWRP; Investment of the Heart coming May 1, 2009 from Champagne Books.


Kimber Chin said...

I've seen a ghost so I definitely believe.

Forever Faithful looks AWESOME!

Viola Estrella said...

Eerie excerpt! Love it!

Linda LaRoque said...

Hey, Kimber, don't forget to email me so I can send you the copy of FF that you won.


Bess McBride said...

Hi ya, Linda! You know I love time travels as well. Intriguing excerpt! Thank you.

Bess McBride

Linda LaRoque said...

Thank you, Viola. This is one of my favorite stories.


Linda LaRoque said...

Hi Bess,
Yes, I do. I haven't had a chance to read A Train Through Time. It's a PDF copy and I can't transfer it to my ebookwise reader so will have to read it on my computer. May just print it out.
Glad you enjoyed the excerpt.

Judith Leger said...

Oh, Great post, Linda! And you know me, I LOVE Ghost stories!

Love the excerpt.

Susan Macatee said...

Great post and excerpt, Linda!
I love to read and write time travels as well as vampires and ghosts. And I love to read anthing in the paranormal genre.

Good luck with your time travel! It sounds great!

Linda LaRoque said...

Thanks, Judith. This is a particulary sweet ghost but he can be a mean dude when he's got an axe to grind.
Thanks for stopping by.


Linda LaRoque said...

Thanks, Susan. I doubt I'll ever try to write a vampire book. Never dreamed I'd read them but I do.

I appreciate you stopping by.


Anastasia said...

Hi Linda,

Forever Faithful sounds intriguing. Good look with the sales!

unwriter said...

If Forever Faithful follows well after 'When the ocotillo blooms', it will be fantastic. Having read the excerpt, I can hardly wait to get to it. I'm not much on ghost stories but I am up on good writers and this is one of them. Someday maybe I can write as well.

Skhye said...

Linda writes fabulous time travel! Since I was fortunate enough to read Flames on the Sky, I can say that. ;) If you're afraid she will write zany wacky time travel like I do, don't think that. Think historicals... nothing like my faery war and deep-space trash from the future!!! :) Great post, Linda!!! For the record, I rarely ever EVER use !s in my work. They just come in handy discussing Linda's work.

Sandy said...


You know I love this story. Great excerpt. Someone had to get that man's attention. I wanted to smack them both until they came to their senses. You don't throw away a marriage for one mistake.


lbcanton said...

I love paranormal books but a good time travel is the best.


Linda LaRoque said...

Thank you, Anastasia. I can't wait to see how sales go. We do a lot of waiting, don't we?


Linda LaRoque said...

Hi Ron,
You are so kind to say so. I can't wait until you get around to reading FF and I love your Spaghetti stories.


Linda LaRoque said...

You are so sweet to say such nice things about my time travels. I may have to start paying you to promote for me. I love your stories too.

Linda LaRoque said...

Thank you, Sandy. I know how you feel. They both frustrated me, too.
Thanks for stopping by.


Linda LaRoque said...

Hi Loretta,

I hope you'll check out my time travels. I had so much fun writing them. Forever Faithful isn't a tt but it's one of my favorite books.


Ciara Gold said...

Oh, folks, you have to get this book. It was a great read! And yup, I'm a firm believer in ghosts.

Clover Autrey said...

Very cool. Always love ghosts.

Chiron said...

Wonderful excerpt!

Back in the early days of Sci-Fi, time-travel stories were part and parcel of the genre of "Speculative Fiction". I always liked that label. To me the definition was a standard in itself. Does the story make you speculate in some way? *grin*

I love stories that pose the question... "What if?" and no genre does that better(to me, anyway) than time-travel stories.

Love this post, Linda!