Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sarita Leone here!

LEGAL TENDER by Sarita Leone

Actually, she's not. Sarita is stuck in the middle of the big northeast ice storm. I'm her friend Sue, filling in for her. A few days ago, when the storm was gearing up Sarita called and asked if I could post something for her this morning if she didn't show up by six a.m. She's not here so I'm thinking she must still be without power.

It's a shame she's not here to make her first post on this fabulous blog but I am sure that when the ice clears she will pop in.

Legal Tender is a paranormal romance from Whiskey Creek Press. It came out a couple of months ago and I know it is getting great reviews. I read it and loved it!

The details....

Lindy thinks she has it all. An exciting life in New York City. Career prospects. Men. And she does, too. That is, until Granny Walker is killed. Then, all bets are off.

To satisfy the terms of Granny’s will Lindy must step into her grandmother’s orthopedic shoes and assume her place on the family farm. She’ll have to uncover the mystery between a raging bull and a Mustang, all while finding a husband and fighting off a nasty cousin.

Life on the farm makes a white sale at Bloomie’s look like child’s play!

Can a woman who’s more comfortable in stilettos than boots move from the city to the country and still have everything she’s always dreamed of? Maybe she can—with some luck and a lot of help from Granny Walker herself.

You see, the wise-cracking, advice-giving ghost isn’t quite ready to give up the old homestead. Not yet, anyway.

Reviews for Legal Tender....

“To fulfill the terms of her grandmother's will, Lindy must live in the old woman's home, take over the business she began, and within a year, marry. She must also,though this is unstated, put up with Granny's ghost hovering around her. Lindy's main motive is to keep her witch of a cousin from getting the place, but soon, she finds herself wondering if there's a murder to solve and discovering romance might be part of her future, but with which of the men pursuing her?

This book is fun. Granny's ghost is one that will keep a smile on your face. Though the plot is somewhat meandering, there is such charm to the narrative that you won't mind.” Reviewer Amanda Killgore

“The book revolves around the seasons. In the early summer, strawberries are ready and in the fall the apples. In between, flowers bloom with Lindy's love life. Nothing is rushed which makes it enjoyable to watch the action unfold naturally. That doesn't mean the book is slow or nothing is happening, just that everything develops in a natural sequence. This is a great book to curl up with on a rainy/snowy day. It's has humor, love, mystery and a happy ending for everyone.” Terri, Night Owl Romance Reviews

5 Angels! “Legal Tender is the third book I have read by Sarita Leone. I enjoy her as a writer. She makes all her stories fun to read in addition to being easy flowing from page to page. I never have to worry about having a hard time finishing a book that Sarita Leone has written, which is a good thing. I can’t wait to see what Mrs. Leone comes up with next.” Reviewed by Cheryl, Fallen Angel Reviews

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joviangeldeb said...

Sarita, hope your okay and get out of that Snow.

Linda LaRoque said...

This sounds like an entertaining read. I'm putting this on my to buy list. Can't imagine trying to run a farm.


Viola Estrella said...

Aw, sorry she's stuck in an ice storm. Hope she's okay.

Legal Tender sounds like a great book!

Miss Mae said...

I wondered if she caught in that mess! Hope she built an igloo before the wind and snow hit! Brrr...

We miss you, Sarita.