Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jennifer Childers

Hi there,
I am a fan of the paranormal. It doesn't seem logical to me that things "just happen" and there are many mysteries left to puzzle over. Like why are men able to put together something out of a box without directions but the purpose of a clothes hamper transcends their comprehension?

Is it possible an event so horrific could leave an imprint on a place that a person could feel years later?Remember the story of the coliseum? Christians were thrown to lions and devoured. Today, the coliseum is a meeting place for hundreds of cats. No one knows why, or where they come from but they perch on the ruins as though remembering their kin and what transpired.

My grandfather was a small boy when a ghost crossed the street in front of the buggy his brother drove (horse and buggy. gramps was born in 1890)The ghost held a lantern and seemed to study the two boys. he then crossed the street and disappeared.What was he looking for?
We already know there is a world underneath our bed and a mirror is a gateway to another dimension. Paranormal is all about getting there or bringing the unknown to us, at least for a moment. We really prefer the mystery don't we?

Creativity is like the facets of a diamond. It's hard to pick just one genre, sometimes a couple overlap which is always fun. my stories are inspired by history and those places leaving a thumbprint on our conscience.
I write a bit of historical, young adult and a baby book. I gave the first draft to my infant nephew who chewed the pages. I believe this to be high praise in baby-speak.

Coming in August of '09 is "Kindertransport". The story takes place in prewar Nazi Germany. A blurb:

Nurse Erika Lehmier cares almost as a substitute mother for the children housed at Grafeneck Castle. When the SS confiscates Grafeneck, Erika discovers plans to turn the castle into a treatment center that will end the lives of such children with disabilities. Only one of "her" children, Heidi, has no visible handicap and thereby perhaps a chance to escape Nazi destruction. For the rest, can Erika make the heartbreaking decision to give them a peaceful death by her own hand as a loving alternative to the gas chamber? If not, how will they escape? Can she trust Rickard, when he wears an SS uniform?
I am working on a piece entitled "Forgotten Bathory" I havent submitted it yet so I will keep you posted.

Visit often, we and our characters would like to get to know you.
Be well,
Jennifer Childers

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Viola Estrella said...

I'm a fan of the paranormal too. Of course, that's why I write it. :-) A story is so much more interesting with a bit of the unknown.