Sunday, December 7, 2008

I can't help but be excited about the great review I received from Night Owl Romance. Diana Coyle said,
…”a perfectly well balanced storyline that is sure to please any reader who picks this story up. I would highly recommend this author and this story.” Diana Coyle of Night Owl Romance Book Reviews

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She gave me 5 out of 5 and a Reviewer Top Pick

A little about me. I'm a southern girl and a nurse. I've been writing little stories for me all my life and just decided to become an author about 5 years ago. I love reading and can never find enough books to keep me going. I decided I'd try to write my own.

Ghostly Mistakes is a paranormal romantic suspence with elements of comedy.
Lizzy planned to make this mission short and sweet, but thanks to her client, Carl Taylor's inability to provide details, it looks as if she was in for an extended adventure. A dangerous farmer with buried secrets, and the zealous accusations of a lady's church group keep her on her toes. If all this isn't enough to complicate her task, her growing attraction to the highway patrolman who caught her speeding, adds spice to the brew. If she doesn't solve the puzzle left in her hands, she could find herself stuck with Carl for life. Oh, did I mention he isn't a paying customer? Well, being a ghost does limit your financial abilities.

“Good thoughts!’ Forcing a smile to start her off, Lizzy began listing the things she could look forward to once she gained her release from Carl. She would once again be able to watch her favorite TV shows without his constant interruptions. Food! Eating without his gross outs at the table. The smile was nearly natural now. The thought of being able to shower without the fear Carl would pop in to torment her was more than enough to strengthen her resolve. She’d even begun to keep a towel in the shower for when he made one of his impromptu visits. With the closest cemetery now looming ahead of her she found it easier to shed her worries over what she still had left to accomplish. For about five minutes.

Mary Alice Pritchard


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Awesome 5 star review, Mary.



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Congrats on the review.

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Wonderful review, Mary and your story sounds exciting and different.


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Cogratulations Mary, what a wonderful review.

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Nice to learn a bit about you. And congrats on the review.