Friday, July 3, 2009

A new release


I'm Jennifer Childers and I write for the Wild Rose Press.
My new release "Kindertransport" will be out the seventh of August.
It is historical romance set in prewar nazi Germany. it's interesting to note Adolph Hitler was on a search for paranormal and occult artifacts when...
"AAA!"A figure approaches and gives Jennifer a shove. She screams and topples down hill. Alayna smirks and waves bye bye.

"Later loser," Alayna cracks her riding crop. "Listen up. This is a paranormal site and I'm, technically, paranormal. Werewolf or werekin if you prefer. I'm just a bit tired of the goody two shoes heroines and their pathetic tales of woe. Does he love me? Will he love me forever? Gads, suck it up or die you pathetic pup. If you want a man, grab him, take him and make him beg to be your slave. If he gives you a problem, beat him into submission. I'd say allow him to pleasure you but return him to the pack after about a week, that way you don't have all the soppy emotional crap keeping you from what's important. Watching a woman coo over a man just makes me want to put her out of her misery, permanently.
Historically speaking in 1433 Emperor Sigismund declared a disbelief in werewolves to be illegal. There is a reason for that, we're here. I remember tales of werewolves in post war Nazi Germany. I got enthused for nothing, they were just a bunch of guerilla fighters who couldn't accept defeat. They chose to die fighting rather than surrender. Now that I think about it, I respect that. I was bummed they weren't real werewolves however.
Our leader created us. Bigger, faster and stronger than any human. He is a scientific mastermind and strategist. When he is done waging war, and setting factions against one another, those left standing will be ripe for the plucking. Surrender now and I might be merciful, annoy me and hope your end comes swiftly. Know this one way or other, you will be on your knees trembling before my armies. I am Alayna and I am your overlord."


Hywela Lyn said...

This sounds like a really entertaining and original read Jennifer.

Good luck and wishing you many sales when it's released!

Jen Childers said...

Thanks Hywela,
take care