Saturday, July 25, 2009

LASR Five Star Plus Review for Children Of The Mist

I had to read this latest review twice for it to sink in. Wow, not just a five star, 'a Best Book' rating! If you have a moment, I'd love you to check it out - and if you're minded to vote for it at the site over the weekend, 'For Book Of The Week', you'd have my undying gratitude. I'm sorry to ask for yet another vote, these things always seem to come together and I know the other reviews and books are all just as deserving, but I have to try, don't I? :)

Here's some of what Orchid had to say:

"This book is wonderful! There are few books that hold my interest to the point where I can't bear to put it down, but Children of the Mist is most certainly at the top of this list. The attraction between Tamarith and Vidarh is beautifully written. The involvement of telepathy would appear to make it easier for them to share their feelings, but this isn't the case."

You can read the rest of the review at:

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