Saturday, January 9, 2010

hello from beyond

Jimmy was 5 years old when he died of cancer in 1072. His nephew, James, was born in 1992.
Both events happened in August.

When big brother, Mike was left alone, his only comfort was his dog and a viision he had one morning of his deceased brother and grandfather at the breakfast table. Years later, he is certain the spirits were trying to comfort him, letting him know they were all right.

When James was 3. Mikle asked his wife what she told James about his uncle.
"Nothing," she replied. " I was never told much."
"I was talking to James and he knew stuff. Things only the two of us knew."

James never spoke of Jimmy as he got older, he sympathized with his father for lsoing a brother. He has no memory of the conversation he had with his father about Jimmy.

There are other stories of children recognizing pictures and telling about things that happened when the photo was taken, though it was taken long before he was born.
One small child talks about being shot down in an airplane. When his mother asked "who shot your plane?" The child anwered. "The Japanese"
his tone was irritated as though annoyed the woman didn't know this. Furthher questions yielded the name of the soldier and the plane shot down over the Pacific during WW2.

Are these examples of past life experience?
Is it possible the spirits of the past communicate through others?
Could it be childern, with minds so uncluttered, may have an easier time with these communications?

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