Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Queen Mary

The Quuen mary served in WW2 as a transport ship bringing American soldiers to England. Nicknamed the gray ghost because of her color, she remained unsinkable. Hitler offered his highest medal of honor to anyone who could sink her.

En route to England, it is said the ship rammed into another ship while avoiding an enemy vessel. The other ship was ripped apart leaving 300 sailors to drown or be eaten by sharks. Rumors of pounding on the side of the queen is made by those trying to get on board.

During the war it is claimed a cook died in one of the ovens, allegedly, the crew didn't like his culinary skills.A seaman was crushed to death in engine room 13 while trying to flee a fire. It is said the door to the room is often hot to the touch, while bright lights and knocks can be heard within the chamber.

There are 49 deaths related to the ship. One haunt is a child in the swimming pool. People have claimed to hear splashing sounds and seeing a child's footprints on the pavement. Others have seen a lady in blue and a woman in white strolling near the pool. One little girl broke her neck and died after trying to slide down the bannister.
Psychic researchers have proclaimed the pool are to be a vortex, a gateway between worlds. Ghosts who haven't died on the ship use this vortex, the researchers claim.
Today there are ghost tours on the Queen Mary. Employees claim to hear voices or footsteps behind them as they make their way through the ship. Still, the most haunted are those men who survived the war and made their way back to America with fewer comrades than they left with.

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