Saturday, June 6, 2009

Do you believe in Ghosts?

My sisters and I went out to visit Tombstone, Arizona just for a fun day trip. We've all had ghostly encounters in the past so when we went into the Birdcage Theatre, claimed to be one of the most haunted places by Ghost Hunters, we had to take a lot of pictures as we pretended we were ghost hunters. Can you imagine three 40ish grown women running around a haunted theatre, giggling our butts off? I'm sure any real ghosts there would have been more amused by us. Unfortunately we didn't catch any ghosts, just some orbs and images in mirrors--or did we?

Here's a picture I took without the flash.

And with the flash. What do you think? Just creepy glare?

They say this manican of Wyatt Earp used to be in a theatre box across the hall, but his hat kept getting thrown off at night. Once he even was turned completely around backwards until a historian came in and exclaimed, "Well no wonder, you've put Wyatt in the Clanton's box." They moved him to his own box and his hat has been left alone.

So, do you believe?
Clover Autrey


Mary Ricksen said...

There are some things...

You just never know!

Beth Trissel said...

Fascinating. I'm finishing up Haunted Virginia by Pamela Kinney, also very interesting stuff.

Cate Masters said...

Fun post! Yes, I can imagine three grown women giggling on a ghost tour - my two sisters and me in Gettysburg! Their ghost tours are great. Our photos captured lots of orbs too!
Funny about his hat. Guess grudges last beyond the grave!

Shereen Vedam said...

Sounds very creepy and fun, Clover,

And these visits to spooky places are best done in threes :^)

As for, do I believe in ghosts?


I had an encounter with my mom once, shortly after she died. Since I almost burned down someone's kitchen as a result, I told her it's time to go to the light and stay there.

Ever since I've suspected my mom had hidden pyro tendencies I never knew about.

I also have several psychic friends who've had way more experience in this field. And my cats are always looking and talking to things that aren't there. It's all just plain weird.

Shereen, who thinks ghosts should stay in stories and out of her reach when she's busy cooking

Jen Childers said...

My husband and grandpa have both seen ghosts. When my freind lost her baby to SIDS. I was in the living room and did a double take. I could have sworn I saw the baby crawling toward the bedroom. It gave me chills. I keep an open mind, there is definitely an afterlife.