Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bad Karma and scary places

Can a place be impacted from the evil of its past?
Can an event be so horrific that the wrongness of its past be palpable?
Don't laugh, even Dr. Phil wonders.

The Tate house was discussed on his show last wednesday. In 1969 pregnant Sharon Tate was murdered by the Manson "family."
The house won't sell.
The house was torn down in the 90's and rebuilt.
It won't sell.
It is going for half price and it won't sell.
Those who will go near the house claim they can feel the wrongness of the place. A sense of forboding washes over the person as they near the property. There are some (Phil's wife) who won't even drive past the house as it sends a shudder thruogh her to even pass it by.

The Menendez house, where two boys shot their parents, is having similar problems.
No one wants to live there.

Would ignorance of a tragedy eliminate the eerie feelings people have.
The coliseum was once a stadium where people were thrown to lions as entertainment for onlookers. Today, cats gather there by the dozens. Its as though they are mourning the past.
Even animals feel the aura of a space.

For haunted spots in your state follow:

My grandfather spoke of his own ghost sititng in evansville, IN. he was in the buggy with his big brother (yep horse drawn)
the spectre of a man crossed the road and held a lantern up by his head. the boys watched and he simply disappeared.
"werent you scared, Peter?"
"naw, I was with you"

From that day forward Peter's son Jack told all the kids about the ghost in the basement. I would tread carefully to glimpse the spirit and run back upstairs. (it was a sheet tossed over the Christmas tree in a corner)
Jack died last weekend and I ventured to see the ghost once more.
I took photos.
no ghost.
I was bummed. I really thought one might appear.
The house has been in my family since 1920.
When i go, there is peace. I am at home.
Is this a haunting of sorts.

If a horrific event can imprint evil on a spot, can the reverse be true?
Can a house be so imprinted by the love of generations of family, that it is palpable decades later, giving me comfort even at a time of loss?


Linda LaRoque said...

Interesting post, Jen.

Jen Childers said...

Thanks Linda,

My mood has been a bit "off" with the funeral and all, but I have heard of hauntings since I was a kid and its always the evil that lingers. Why not the good stuff?

Clover Autrey said...

Interesting post, Jen, but I love good ghost stories anyway.

Jen Childers said...

I love ghost stories too.
I met a man who turned out to be an abusive jerk. He left my car to get something and I heard a physical voice say "Jennifer, get out". I was so startled I looked in the back seat thinking someone was there. by this time Jerk came back to the car (the voice was not his). I was alone in the car, radio off, someone was trying to warn me.

Autumn Shelley said...

I'm a complete believer in what you posted. I've lived in Waco TX for 4 years now and I can't get it out of my head that whatever is 'wrong' here goes waaaay back.
I've had some other 'encounters' that lead me to believe there are things we can explain, and things we just can't, but they affect us just the same.
Great Post!

Jen Childers said...

Thank you Autumn!

I was so bummed, I went to Catholic School and the priest wanted to do a class on demonology and he had this great presentation on "creepy feelings" etc. the principal vetoed his class. I'm not sure why a nun can veto a priest, but I always wished he would have given the class.
wrtie down your experiences too, we would love to hear about them