Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I had my first pitch with an editor this past weekend. I’ve done the query thing and that is nerve wracking enough. I stressed a minimal amount prior to the event…and a whole lot the day of. And then I did my pitch (nervous and I know I sputtered a bit) but the time (ten minutes) went very quickly and I got a request. So it was worth making the appointment. Here is some advice passed around as I prepared:

• Try to have your first pitch somewhere other than Nationals – a RWA chapter meeting or Regional Conference would work – this could lower your stress level and make you more comfortable pitching among the crowds and fast pace of the bigger conference.

• Think outside the box and pitch a company not on your submission list. There isn’t as much pressure on you, it’s good practice, and you never know what it might turn into.

• Talk for two minutes and let the editor/agent ask you questions for the remaining time. (I didn’t follow this exactly, but once the editor started talking with me, my stress level did go down.)

• Feel you write queries better than pitch – bring a copy of your query letter and read it. (One of my chapter mates did this. Smart lady. Also means you can quickly send your request in. I used note cards and then had to write up a query letter.)

Any more suggestions? Do you find your pitch goes fast once you start?

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