Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Heart Will Find Yours

Book one of the Turuqoise Legacy, a time travel set in 1880 Waco, Texas, will be out in both print and ebook formats on May 1st, 2009 with The Wild Rose Press.

TEXANNA KEITH doesn’t believe an antique locket is the key to time travel, but plays along, and to her horror, is zapped back to 1880 Waco, Texas. Her mission is to prevent Royce Dyson’s death in a shootout. Wounded, she loses what she longs for most — a life with Royce.

Marshall ROYCE DYSON’S wife disappeared in 1876. Now she’s reappeared, claiming she’s a time traveler from the future. As he seeks the truth, he’s determined to keep Texanna with him, but it’s not destined to be.

Book two of the Turquoise Legacy, Flames on the Sky, a time travel set in Chaco Canyon of New Mexico, will be out October 23, 2009.

I hope you'll take a look at them both.

Thanks and Happy Reading.


Linda LaRoque ~Western Romance with a Twist in Time~ A Law of Her Own, Forever Faithful, Desires of the Heart, My Heart Will Find Yours, 5-9, Flames on the Sky10-9, Investment of the Heart 5-9, When the Ocotillo Bloom 7-9.


Jen Childers said...

Oh this story sounds fun!
I love history and time travel. I have a hard time picking a favorite genre as there is so much to like, when they mix a bit, all the better.
take care,

Linda LaRoque said...

Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by. I had a blast writing this story. I'm with you, I love them all but do think time travel is my favorite, especially with some good history mixed in.

Historical Writer/Editor said...

I was lucky enough to be one of your critique partners for this novel, and I loved it. It's an exciting story with wonderful, memorable characters. I wish you the very best with this fun novel. -Laura Hogg