Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Across the Winds of Time Book Review at Siren Book Reviews

Book Review by Nikki at Siren Book Review

I try to keep abreast of anything to do with my books by Google Alert, but somehow missed this lovely review done about six months ago.  I'm always thrilled by kind reviews, and this one is especially flattering.

"Across the Winds of Time is one of those stunning time travel stories that makes the reader believe in magic.  .... 
If you're a fan of time travel romances, then I'd suggest getting a copy of Across the Winds of Time.  I want to know what else Ms. McBride has to offer.  I'm a new fan! 

For the rest of the review, please follow this link:

And I must say...I'm a new fan of Nikki's!  Thank you, Nikki!

Bess McBride

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