Saturday, October 31, 2009

The legend of Old Hitler

In Tampa bay, lives a hammerhead shark. 20 feet long and has a head as wide as a pick up truck, nearing 1000 pounds, the shark has been spotted, but never caught by citizens of Tampa bay for decades. His legend has lived on since the 60's.

One story has it that fisherman caught a baby hammerhead while tarpon hunting. It was too small to keep so they decided to release it. Before release, a fisherman painted a swastika on its back before tossing it into the water.

The fish, and the story grew. In the sixties, a fisherman reported the sight of a 20 foot shark, its fin bigger than the boat motor, it swam next to the boat, tilting its head to watch the fisherman on deck.

"It broke a 400-pound braided wire leader right under the bait house," reported one fisherman. "That is a big boy," says another fisherman. "He's bigger and badder than jaws." Came reports from fisherman around the bay.

One man claimed to have caught Old Hitler and buried him without ceremenony, though years later, sightings still occur.

The giant shark has been sited for decades, even now, people from fisherman to bridge workers claim to have seen its eerie shadow gliding across Tampa Bay. Eager shark fisherman have sought to capture the huge creature.

Old Hitler has been said to chomp a giant ray or Tarpon in one bite, but has he ever hurt boaters or swimmers? There have been many suicide attempts, folks jumping off the skyway bridge into Tampa Bay, but no one ever reported being bothered by sharks in the water.

I lived around Tampa Bay most of my life and I have never heard of anyone being attacked by a shark in Tampa Bay. I have seen and heard tales of dolphins. I have this to add to the tale.

Could it be that a newly released baby shark bearing the symbol of Ameirca's enemy has indeed ruled the waters of Tampa Bay, but instead of a vicious man eater, he bears the old symbol of hatred while living its original meaning.

The swastika is an ancient symbol of peace. Used by the Vikings, the Navajo's and also found in India. Old Hitler swims among the school of dolphin in peaceful co-existence. Is this a lesson from nature that peace is indeed possible, or is it that a few drunk fisherman saw a really big shark?


Shereen Vedam said...

What a great story, and love the lesson in the end. Nicely done.


Jen Childers said...

Glad you like it,
I was having shark dreams for 10 years after I saw "Jaws".
One dream I was in I was sailing under the skyway bridge when a huge shadow of a hammerhead was under my boat!
I'm glad it was just a dream!