Saturday, September 5, 2009

Made in Czechoslavakia

The story I am going to tell you comes out of "The Ligourian" I read it long ago.

During WW2 Nazi's used lots of forced labor, Czechoslavakia was no different. People worked long hours in factories to build bombs for the Nazi war machine.
Resistance took many forms, workers began to sabotage the bombs, at risk of thier own lives.

One man recalled a battle where his squad was sure they were all dead. A bomb landed, with no where to run, they all stood frozen staring at the harbringer of death. The bomb was only inches from the men.

nothing happened.

A brave soul got closer and noted the bomb was made in Czechoslavakia. It was a dud. The saboteurs were successful. "Made in Czechoslavakia" became the squadron's battle cry.
As battles raged, bullets flew, the battle cry gave them courage to keep fighting.

Years later, the old soldier was in the hospital. The prognosis wasn't good and his family stayed by his side to hold his hand for what might be the last time.
His brother went to the gift store to buy a rosary so they could pray together.

He was taken down to surgery.
Hours later, they awaited the news.
How long would he have left?

Tears filled the doctor's eyes when he met with the family. He wasn't sure why or how, but the soldier recovered.

When the soldier was brought back to the room. He embraced his family and took the rosary from the box, a small piece of paper fell onto the bed.

It read: Made in Czechoslavakia.


Sallie said...

Happy Labor Day! I nominated this site for a Kreativ award. Keep up the good work!

Jen Childers said...

Thank you Sallie,
that's really sweet.

on this "memorial day" of the 9/11 I would like to give honor to those who stand for us and fell trying.

We stand united or we fall apart.

be well,