Saturday, February 28, 2009

Heart of the Sorcerer

My long-awaited paranormal short story, Heart of the Sorcerer, is scheduled for release August 26, 2009, from The Wild Rose Press.

Drawn inexplicably back to her childhood home, Annalisa returns, seeking to fill the void existing in her loveless life. Granny Jean, Annalisa’s adopted grandmother, failing in health and mental acuity, endeavors to discover the secrets of Annalisa’s soul, wanting nothing more than Annalisa to be happy before she leaves this earth. A picture hangs over the mantle in Gran’s cottage depicting a beautiful man of another time, a man who haunts Annalisa’s every dream, a man who calls to her in dreams. Unknown to Annalisa, Gran and Alec, the man in the painting, have set forth a course of events to eventually send Annalisa back, back into the arms of Alec.
P.L. Parker


Jen Childers said...

Fantasy is awesome! i love the time travel, history and twilight zone type stories.
The book sounds great!

Catherine Bybee said...

August will be here before you know it. Besto of luck.

Judith Leger said...

Yes!!! I can't wait, Patsy. It's a wonderful story.

Linda LaRoque said...

This sounds like my kind of story, Patsy. I'm lookimg forward to it.